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Women in politics , politics in decline

Statistics from the World Bank state the percentage of the United Kingdom population who are female is 50.8%, While this figure is unsurprising I draw attention to it in order to highlight the oddity that this modern western democracy, which … Continue reading

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Remember remember , November can start in June ( struggling with words 1 )

I have been trying to write a novel for years, which is to say trying to write several aborted novels since I was about 14. I still have reams of A4 pages in loose binders that have followed me around … Continue reading

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Fantasy Armour vs real Armour

Armour, according to our friends at Wikipedia is protective covering used to prevent damage from being inflicted, not an astoundingly difficult concept you would have thought. Here then is a real woman in armour… real armour As worn, indeed, when … Continue reading

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