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Women in politics , politics in decline

Statistics from the World Bank state the percentage of the United Kingdom population who are female is 50.8%, While this figure is unsurprising I draw attention to it in order to highlight the oddity that this modern western democracy, which … Continue reading

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Remember remember , November can start in June ( struggling with words 1 )

I have been trying to write a novel for years, which is to say trying to write several aborted novels since I was about 14. I still have reams of A4 pages in loose binders that have followed me around … Continue reading

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Fantasy Armour vs real Armour

Armour , according to our friends at Wikipedia is protective covering used to prevent damage from being inflicted, not an astoundingly difficult concept you would have thought. Here then is  a real woman in armour… real armour As worn, indeed, … Continue reading

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