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"So Whats your book about ?"

I keep being asked this question and it’s a fair question to ask. The problem is I still don’t really have an answer to it. At least not a short concise answer that sums up the novel. I wrote it, published … Continue reading

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the art of the self publicist

I am not by nature a graphic artist , my medium is words, as your probably aware. However, some of the Microsoft suite tools are useful for making fairly quick promo’s for even the list visually artistic of us. the … Continue reading

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2015 the year of the Renaissance men

Way back in the dim dark distant past. In an age when Mobil phones were for making phone calls but only a few of us had them. When the internet did not seem like something that would catch on as … Continue reading

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The knitting circle of the devil

A little tale for all hallows  “Lust, linger over the word itself. Sound it slowly, feel the weight of it, the torrents barely held awaiting release. Curl your tongue around the L, in a long languid movement. Linger upon it, … Continue reading

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