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Year of the Dead

We have lost a lot of loved and respected famous people in the last year. Individuals who’s passing has affected us, brought tears, sadness and that strange form of grief we feel for people who we have never known personally … Continue reading

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All we are saying…

This post, like some others I have made, started out as a minor rant and attempt at light heartiness in response to a mild bout of despair at the human condition because if you can’t at least try to raise … Continue reading

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The Vanities Of The Strong

I have seen the future of humanity, and it is war.War on a scale unprecedented.War that will consume the world, leaving millions slaughtered in the mud of Europe.War that will cause misery untold as nation fights nation with all the … Continue reading

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A Biography of Depression

There is this pit which,  I believe, we all walk around the edge of at some time in our lives. Though the lucky among us may never notice they are doing so, the worst they may experience is a cold shiver … Continue reading

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Valuing your craft

How do you value the results of your craft?It’s one of those questions that’s always hard to answer, and harder to answer as a writer than, for example, as a carpenter.A carpenter makes a table. He cuts the wood, joins the … Continue reading

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