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Darkest Fears: behind the masks…

The Last body hit the floor, blood spurting, screams dying, jeers and harsh laughter erupting around the hall. the stench was sickening, the incessant hum of the alien hive mind as oppressive as a giant fist pressing down on his … Continue reading

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Azathoth: The Complete lovecraft #33

The novel that never was… About a deity never mentioned in the fragment that remains… Azathoth is arguably the great lost work. If a copy of the complete word exists, it is only in the Library of unwritten books in the castle … Continue reading

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Darker Wisdoms

Writers can be a dark lot at times… Terry Pratchett, who has many so many of us smile, and laugh, and filled us with joy once told his friend, compatriot and occasional co-conspirator, Neil Gaiman, that he wrote not from joy but … Continue reading

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Writing Novels: The rules

A writer should write what they want to write, and write it how they want to write it. This is a theory I have expressed before, and one I will continue to express. I am aware that some may disagree … Continue reading

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The Other Gods: The complete Lovecraft #32

Pantheonic gods are cooler than monotheistic ones. I say this not to denigrate anyone’s faith. Somethings just are… A cigarette smoking teenage Marlon Brando in black leather in ‘Rebel without a cause’.  Leaning against a Harley Daverson answering the onerous question “What … Continue reading

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Wise words…

More of the wisdom of writers: or a few scattered quotes that could be wisdom or tosh, it’s not always easy to tell. But such are the words that on occasion inspire me to write, even those full of derision… The … Continue reading

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The Moon-bog: The Complete Lovecraftian #31

If in doubt, the sunken ruins of a lost city are just where you go, at least if you’re the old tentacle hugger. You have probably noticed that and if you haven’t then you’re not really paying attention. Lost cities and … Continue reading

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