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Ending the drought…

I’ve had a bit of a dry January. Not that apocryphal one that borderline alcoholics and fitness obsessives have made popular in the last decade or so. ‘I shall not partake of strong drink for thirty-one days after the excesses of the holidays…’ … Continue reading

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Grim synopsis…

In a possibly vain attempt to have my novels published by a small independent publisher, rather than be purely self-published I found my self-having to write synopsis’s of my two published novels and the forthcoming third novel ‘A Spider In The Eye…’ Actually, I … Continue reading

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Writers in my experience have a tendance towards the obsessive end of the spectrum. We obsess about our stories. We obsess about our characters. We obsess about individual sentences. On occasion, we obsess about an individual word… Sometimes we obsess about where … Continue reading

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Positive Is The New Negative…

Last year I published a blog like this with quotes from the darker side of writer’s minds. In an attempt to balance this a little, and in the spirit of a new year, new hopes, new dreams and positive thinking, here … Continue reading

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The Unnameable: The Complete Lovecraft #39

What is it about Randolph Carter and sitting around in graveyards, it never turns out well for him, you would think he would learn… At least this time he is in the pastoral surroundings of New England rather than the middle of … Continue reading

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Geekgasm’s in the Nerdverse…

Geek culture has moved ever more mainstream in the last decade or so. The internet has helped enormously with this. The ongoing wave of Marvel, DC movies and tv shows has fed it. The gamer generation has given birth to … Continue reading

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