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The writing of blurbs is a bit of an art form. It is also an art form I’ve never come close to mastering. The blurb, that little smattering of text on the back of a book is supposed to do … Continue reading

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Artistic Indulgences…

You’ll have to forgive me, or perhaps not as the case may be, but I have been rather taciturn on the blog of late. There have been few posts about writing because I have been busy writing. Few posts on … Continue reading

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The Silver Key: TCL#50

Randolph ‘bloody’ Carter, where have I read that name before… Or more to the point where will I read it again.. Way back in the dim dark days of February 2017, when the Lovecraftian parts of this blog were still … Continue reading

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Dresden in Teeside: Book review: Brennan and Rix…

I have an unfortunate habit… Okay, I have lots of unfortunates habits, starting blog posts off with irrelevant tangents before I even get in the vague vicinity of the point being one of them. But if you’re not a regular … Continue reading

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