Blurbing: Reduxed

Way back in December last year, a month or so before ‘A Spider In the Eye’ was released I made a post about blurbing. The art of writing a blurb for the back of a paperback. I was having a bit of a breakdown about it and needed to vent, as I hate writing blurbs. Ten months later I am at that same stage with the sequel to that novel  ‘From Russia With Tassels.’ and once again it is a source of angst, much mulling and more than a little confused muttering…

Not to repeat myself, as all I said in the previous post on this subject holds true… if you want a little insight into the process of blurbing that original post is HERE 

True I am looking forward to the next stage, which I will undertake much like last time , laying on the sofa with a highlighter pen, the fire on and a glass of something or other… As this worked so well last time.

But as for blurb writing, I doubt i have improved overmuch… But here is the current iteration of the back cover of Tassels…

back blub Tassels

There remains no professional blurb writing service out there in the ether….


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  1. lynnefisher says:

    Sounds honestly great and I love that last sentence hook!

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