Quotes for 2020 #25

An on going series of a quote a day from those most worthy of individuals, writers…  Disclaimer not all quotes are meant to inspire… Not all comments I make upon them are entirely honest either, occasionally Hannibal writes them…

Today quote, is from the writer of the sublime Practical Magic, and if one I’ve been fond of for a while as it sums up nicely exactly how I feel about writing… Particularity in the dark hours between the end of the day and the start of the next, when the whiskey is sitting in the glass and the cigarette is burning down in the ash tray , while I try to find meaning in the insanity of it all while Hannibal has wandered off away form the plot once more to recount a tale about a solipsistic barmaid who is not so firm in her beliefs when told as he doesn’t technical exist within her belief system he can’t of cheated on her with her best friend…




About Mark Hayes

Writer A messy, complicated sort of entity. Quantum Pagan. Occasional weregoth Knows where his spoon is, do you? #author #steampunk http://linktr.ee/mark_hayes
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