More Waaarrraaaaggg!!!!

As the first Ork story made a couple of people smile , here is a second short one. If people Like them enough will post more over time I have a few scattered in my 1000 word a day slush pile. Don’t really intend to post stories here that often as that’s not really the point of the blog but if your going to blog about writing you may as well post some once in a while . enjoy .

Warraggggg!!!!!! part two 

From the ring of mountains that formed the valley of the nineteen tribes the eastern road had for as long as any Sharman’s could recount been the road of the Warrrrraggg. It lead down out of the mountains into the green land of the humans, splitting into many paths. Raids into the human lands always traveled this way. Which made rich the Black irons who held the pass, and their Big Boss Boarbelly richest of the lot. Iron wealth was great wealth, and the Black irons wore their wealth upon themselves. The watch towers they built were high and the spike walls spread the length of the pass. The other tribes of the valley considered them strange, with their unnatural ways of battering and negotiation. Rather than taking what they wished they charged a toll to return to the valley of the nineteen. Raiding parties paid the tally. And the Black Irons let them pass through. Why they would not just take what they wished with force defied all sense. Now the gates out of the valley were closed, and Boarbelly surveyed the Warragggg gathered before them. Eighteen tribes, Squabbling for camp sites before his fortress. He thought of the strange dreams he had experienced all those years ago when he had lost his helmet and been hit in the head with an arrow from and elf lords bow. He thought of how he had seen a future for his people and how it hung now in the balance. H ehad taught his Black irons how to build and how to extract tributes and grow wealthy and fat on the work of the lesser tribes. Now even the lowest of his Black irons had suits of hard iron and strong weapons. One day he had hoped to lead them in subjugating all the tribes nineteen valleys and uniting them behind his rule, teaching them a better way , building a nation.
“We have great wealth holding this gate. Every raid that passes through pays us tribute, this great Warragggg will end all that. No more good iron and full belly’s every time they come back. And ReelBadBugga has the tactical nouce of a runt on a three week mushroom binge” Boarbelly stated loudly to his second in command FoulGoatSmeller who grunted in agreement, not that he understood all the long words. But you agreed with the Boss, it was the job.
“They will swarm pout of here down through the human lands like a green plague, and thunder unwisely into the affairs of stinking Elves and the ratmen. Blunder into a war they are not invited to like our kind have for so many generations. They will charge and they will die, burned by the cursed warp stones weapons and the foul magic’s of feeble elf’s and the slaughter will become legend, and out green brothers will suffer losses untold of.”
FoulGoatSmeller grunted again, “Sounds good” he said sagely.
“ Nineteen tribes have warred in this valley for generations. Till I became big boss we warred with them too.” The boss said waving his arms in a wide sweep of the visa from the walls.
“ Good times “ said the sage of goat smelling. Felling his blood surge a little.
“We had a chance to change all that, we have made them barter to pass through the gates, before long they would barter for food , perhaps have a chance to grow to become better than this warring that saps our strength. Had they listened to me, had they but learned , perhaps, perhaps there is still time to change this all. To Bring green kind up beyond barbaric butchery.”
The goat nodded his head , thinking barbaric butchery, now that was a fun thing to do. Better than stinking guard duty.
“ damn them and this warragg I shall bar my gates , in days they will fight among themselves , this foolishness of a warrragggg will all apart and then we can teach them trade , maybe to raise cattle and farm , perhaps , perhaps one day there will be art, music, peace among us ……” Boarbelly said ,, feeling statement like and proud , it would work , he could see it before him in a vision overlaying the warraggg before him ,, he moved closer to the wall. “ At last my friend , at last the Ork shall take its place among the civilised nations of the world in harmony and peace … and Arrgggggggg ,,,,,,, splat.”
FoulGoatSmeller looked down at the grease puddle of green flesh and blood impaled on the spikes below. and almost wiped a tear from his eye, he had been a good boss ,, shame he went crazy in the end. Still it had to be done. And he did not understand enough of regret to realize that he did not feel any for kicking his boss off the battlements. After all he was fool enough to let someone behind him and lean over .

“Open the gates ,,, we are joining the Warrragggg boys…..  “   he shouted ,, as the new big boss of the Black Irons,” WARRRRrrrraggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
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