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The Other Gods: The complete Lovecraft #32

Pantheonic gods are cooler than monotheistic ones. I say this not to denigrate anyone’s faith. Somethings just are… A cigarette smoking teenage Marlon Brando in black leather in ‘Rebel without a cause’.  Leaning against a Harley Daverson answering the onerous question “What … Continue reading

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Wise words…

More of the wisdom of writers: or a few scattered quotes that could be wisdom or tosh, it’s not always easy to tell. But such are the words that on occasion inspire me to write, even those full of derision… The … Continue reading

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For no good reason, or perhaps the best reason of all, I’ve spent a listless hour pondering my way through a folder on my desktop that predates the hard drive. The folders called scrap-ends. It’s an apt description used as … Continue reading

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Courting Disasters…

Lawyers are almost always played out on TV as smart, snappy, insightful individuals of high intellect who ask just the right question to catch a witness or a defendant off guard. It has become something of a stereotype, and like … Continue reading

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Sweet Ermengarde: The Complete Lovecraftian #28

Some collections of Lovecraft which claim to be complete utterly ignore ‘Sweet Ermengarde’, thus expunge it from their pages. There are reasons to do so, not necessarily good reasons, but reasons all the same. I know this because of the two … Continue reading

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All we are saying…

This post, like some others I have made, started out as a minor rant and attempt at light heartiness in response to a mild bout of despair at the human condition because if you can’t at least try to raise … Continue reading

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Terry Pratchett, Life is too short not to read Discworld

+Terry Pratchett was one of the most popular beloved authors of my generation, I grew up with his books in many ways. I read the colour of magic way back in 1984 just because the cover appealed to me as I … Continue reading

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