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Talking covers…

So last time I had been up till silly in the morning making a cover for my next novel (still with the editor.) Having done so I put it out to the wide world of the interweb in search of … Continue reading

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What’s in a name…

When I first began writing I had an aim in mind. Well I say that now, in truth many years have passed so this statement is a tad spurious, but certainly, as long as I prepared to remember I had … Continue reading

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The page count problem…

Wheather you self-publish or go the traditional route page count is a problem for a writer. The reasons page count matters are different, but the result is the same. But for a writer, unless you’re one of those rare ones … Continue reading

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The Rare Unsigned Copy: and other mistakes

“You don’t really want one of the signed copies, what you really want is one of those rare unsigned copies.” Laughter echoed around the bar at the Blackpool landlords amusing quip… Possibly because this was one of the funniest things anyone … Continue reading

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Self-publishing: A Guidebook for the Tourist#7: The ‘Free’ book experience

Back in March, I published a post about ‘free’ books. It was rather a long one and went into a lot of detail on the subject and my opinion such as it is. To quote myself (because no one else is … Continue reading

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Self-Publishing: A Guidebook for the Tourist#6 Proofreading

It may seem obvious, but in case it’s not, or even if it is… 1/ Proofreading your novel. There is nothing, and I do mean nothing, as important as having a good proofreader or three. No matter how many times you … Continue reading

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Self-publishing: A Guidebook for the Tourist#3: Unlimited Questions..

“There are a whole lot of people out there in internet-land trying to help you become a self-publishing genius. The vast majority of them have one thing in common. They are trying to make money out of you.” But this … Continue reading

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