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Muscle memory and the writer…

I’ve had a bit of an odd job in my day job for the last three weeks or so. Not odd in that its something unusual to me, but the exact opposite in many respects. Unlike my normal day job, … Continue reading

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Ending the drought…

I’ve had a bit of a dry January. Not that apocryphal one that borderline alcoholics and fitness obsessives have made popular in the last decade or so. ‘I shall not partake of strong drink for thirty-one days after the excesses of the holidays…’ … Continue reading

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Grim synopsis…

In a possibly vain attempt to have my novels published by a small independent publisher, rather than be purely self-published I found my self-having to write synopsis’s of my two published novels and the forthcoming third novel ‘A Spider In The Eye…’ Actually, I … Continue reading

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30 Days of NaNoWriMo: Day 1

Day 1. on my NaNoWriMo calendar this year… ‘Say goodbye to your sanity’ Target for the day, get to 1667 words Time to get going, dig out the notes you made if you’re a plotter. If your more a fly … Continue reading

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That Offensive Word…

The internet and ‘Faceache’ writers groups, in particular, throw up the occasional odd question. Odd to my mind at least, not odd to the person asking the question. Probably I find them odd because I have some fairly firm views … Continue reading

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