Publishing and writing

I have over time published a wide range of blog posts on the subject of writing and self-publishing. While they can be found if you go looking around my blog it would seem useful to have a set of quick links to various posts/subjects as they are intended to be a resource for those who they may be useful to as much as anything. I hope you find it useful, and if so feel free to let me know. There are other posts kicking about the blog on which discuss writing and self-publishing, but these are the ones focused primarily on the subject.


Self-publishing: A Guidebook for the Tourist

An ongoing series of posts about self-publishing which is inspired in the main by my own mistakes and what I have learned over the course of my misadventures in publishing…

Self-publishing in general

On the subject of writing in general

NaNoWriMo Stuff

Many a Quote…


More will appear here as I write them, or revise old posts. As I tend to say a lot, connecting with readers and other writers alike is perhaps the most important aspect of self-publishing and indeed writing in general, so please connect 🙂

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