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Book lovers day

I normally hate overly twee things like this… But I make an exception when it comes to books. So on the off chance, anyone doesn’t have a book to love here are a few recommendations from past pages… Anything ( … Continue reading

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Well that was odd…

Occasionally, something unexpected happens that strikes you as odd. Or at the very least utterly unexpected. One of those strange little moments of wonderfulness, that take you completely off guard. Particularly if your a tad neurotic, and struggle to see any real value in … Continue reading

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Fear of the Darkest Kind…

One of the hardest tricks for an author to pull off is the series, and before you pull me up on that I know what your thinking as you read that, almost everyone writes in series… But that doesn’t stop … Continue reading

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The Sunday Reviews

I have been known, like most authors, to make mention of the importance of Amazon reviews to the budding author. There are all kinds of mechanics in the background of amazons marketplace that ‘help’ an indie writer find his or … Continue reading

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As its world book day…

As its #worldbookday it would be remiss of me not to mention my novels, as well as a few by other indie writers… But first, my own novels Passing Place and Cider Lane… You can read about them in the links above, … Continue reading

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Herbert West-Reanimator: The Complete Lovecraft #34

Opinions are, as someone famous once vulgarly said, like arseholes, everyone body has one, and they stink up the place when let loose… Herbert West – Reanimator is a tale that inspires many opinions.  S.T. Joshi, who has carved out a … Continue reading

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Retro Book Reviews: Fahrenheit 451

Paper burns at 451 Fahrenheit, or so the legend goes… Regarded by many of Ray Bradbury’s finest work Fahrenheit 451 remains as prescient today as it was when it was first written back in 1960. It sits within the cannon of Dystopian classics like … Continue reading

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