Mark Hayes was born in Yorkshire on the same day Julius Caesar was murdered, although it was in fairness 1926 years later, and he is fairly sure the two events were unrelated. Why he feels the need to mention the assassination of the great Roman tyrant when he talks about his birthday no one knows,  including himself. It’s just become a weird little habit, and because mentioning Banana Daiquiri in bio’s was already taken by another, far more successful writer with a knighthood. Which is also why he avoids wearing a fedora though in all honesty he vastly prefers a top hat anyway.

head shot (2)

Mark now lives in Teesside, just across the river from his native homeland near a reasonably famous bird sanctuary he never visits. He shares his house with too many guitars he can’t play and a black n white cat called Boomer who likes to stop him typing by leaping on his lap and demanding attention. It is, Mark has been known to speculate, just possible Boomer is actually a reincarnation of a Mongolian Warlord. This would account, so Mark reasons, for the way Boomer occasionally tries to scrambles up his back to his shoulder with her claws. Its that or she has eaten too much polystyrene and thinks she’s a parrot.

Neither these odd little speculations or the cat herself help a great deal with the typing. When not writing mildly bizarre bio’s for his blog in the third person because he always finds these things a little weird to write, he writes novels. Or does between the distractions of his attention seeking cat, holding down a full-time job, doing promotion work for the books (occasionally his own), writing blog posts, trying to ignore social media, obsessing about social media, trying not to get dragged into things on social media, fighting the urge to rant about something on social media, and generally deciding we would all be better with a bit less social media in our lives as it has become an ever more that abusive relationship we all pretend we are not in…

And then there are his actual obsessions Music, Star Wars, Batman, Doctor Who, Steampunk, Cuthulu, Lovecraft, Horror movies, Reading, Satire, Comedy, and of course if anyone has said anything important on twitter…