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A Quote Or Two For NaNoWriMo

With the thirty days of NaNoWriMo looming on the horizon for many of us. I’ve trawled my big book of quotes for inspiring words, (and some not so inspiring) here’s a selection of quotes on the subject of that most NaNoWriMo of … Continue reading

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Writing Novels: The rules

A writer should write what they want to write, and write it how they want to write it. This is a theory I have expressed before, and one I will continue to express. I am aware that some may disagree … Continue reading

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That Offensive Word…

The internet and ‘Faceache’ writers groups, in particular, throw up the occasional odd question. Odd to my mind at least, not odd to the person asking the question. Probably I find them odd because I have some fairly firm views … Continue reading

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For no good reason, or perhaps the best reason of all, I’ve spent a listless hour pondering my way through a folder on my desktop that predates the hard drive. The folders called scrap-ends. It’s an apt description used as … Continue reading

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The Bad Review…

No one likes to receive a bad review, be it as a writer, as a seller on eBay, or for that matter for your pecan pie from a dinner guest… In the case of the pie, well if your guest … Continue reading

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Words of Wisdom 3

Words of wisdom from writers a little more famous than myself… Part of a very occasional continuing series of posts with writers quotes about the craft… And because I find myself in need of inspirational quotes as I launch myself … Continue reading

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The Difficult Chapters…

Every reader has encountered these at some point, more than once I would suspect in most cases. Those chapters that just drag at a readers eyes.  The ones that cause you to put down a book, or more likely not … Continue reading

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