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I’m not good, but who is.

When I was a kid at Pudsey park on the outskirts of Leeds, just across from the abandoned Traction Engine steam roller, in the main play ground there was a Helter-Skelter. It was a proper Helter-Skelter, a huge wooden construction. … Continue reading

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Mandolins and the 0.2 percent

For complicated reasons, this is a bit of a rant. If you are offended by rants about politics, you may want to read other, more entertaining posts, like the last one I posted with fictional rules for tea duelling earlier … Continue reading

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Irrational typesetting hatreds

Bad typesetting irritates me, though that is an understatement. I should make a point of saying typesetting is a subjective matter. There is no such things as the ‘right way’ to typeset a book, and just because I consider something … Continue reading

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The Anti-social Butterfly

I have jokingly referred to myself as an Anti-social Butterfly for years. It’s not really a joke of course, its is more of an apt description. I find people difficult at times because on some level I have always found … Continue reading

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Occasionally, one is asked why…

Writing is, so E.L. Doctorow would have it, a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia. As quotes go, I find that one just a tad depressing. Mainly because it has a smidgeon of truth to it, for me at least, I … Continue reading

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An interruption to normal service…

It may not have escaped regular readers of this occasionally profane whiterings that I have been somewhat absent for some time. It’s also quite possible no one noticed, as my absence from the blog has by definition created a lack … Continue reading

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Linkin Park, the Thieves’ Guild and why I was so angry in 2007

Its October, the leaves are falling, the witches are abroad, and I’ve opened the blog up to guest writers again. Yes its Indie October. Throughout October some old favourites among my guests will be returning along with some new voices. … Continue reading

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What is Modern Druidry?

It’s the question I started asking when I first came to Druidry about eighteen years ago. I’m still asking it. My blog (www.druidlife.wordpress.com) is mostly me asking, day by day ‘what does this even mean?’ We don’t know much about … Continue reading

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Quotes for 2020 #9

As its not just a new year, but a whole new decade. I thought among all the other things I do here I would do a daily series of quotes from my favorite authors. Just for the hell of it… … Continue reading

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Down Days… And uplifting words

I have on occasion written posts about my occasional struggles with depression. I don’t do this very often, but when I do they tend to be very personal and hard to write. Why I write them is because it is … Continue reading

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