All my books are available from Amazon because like it or not they are the store front for books in the 21st century, however I understand that there are readers out there who prefer not to buy from an all consuming multinational named after a South American river, and I share those concerns. While I as an author have little option but to sell on Amazon, because that’s where the majority of readers are, I like to be able to offer an alterative, so the alterative for paperbacks is you can buy signed copies direct from me and pay for them with PayPal by using the links below.

All prices include £2.99 for UK postage and packing. This is purely to make everything simple at my end, for international shipping there is an extra button

A Spider in the Eye

A Spider in the Eye : book 1 of The Hannibal Smyth Misadventures


From Russia With Tassels

From Russia With Tassels : Book 2 of The Hannibal Smyth Misadventures



Maybe : Book 1 A Ballad of maybe's


A Scar of Avarice

A Scar of Avarice : A Passing Place, Hannibal Smyth Novella (note all these stories are combined in the forthcoming Cheesecake, Avarice & Boots anthology)


Passing Place

Passing Place


Cider Lane: Of Silences and Stars

Cider Lane: of silences and stars



International shipping

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