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An Authors Avarice…

I may have mentioned this… But forgive me for being overly excited about a new release… Normal service, whatever waffling meanderings on writing, Lovecraft, politics, the world, and general geekery can be described as normal will resume shortly. But in … Continue reading

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Rage against the reviews…

It’s been a while since I had a really good rant. Which is probably a symptom of relative happiness, so the lack of me having a good old-fashioned rant about something is probably a good sign. All the same, there … Continue reading

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Well that was odd…

Occasionally, something unexpected happens that strikes you as odd. Or at the very least utterly unexpected. One of those strange little moments of wonderfulness, that take you completely off guard. Particularly if your a tad neurotic, and struggle to see any real value in … Continue reading

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Fear of the Darkest Kind…

One of the hardest tricks for an author to pull off is the series, and before you pull me up on that I know what your thinking as you read that, almost everyone writes in series… But that doesn’t stop … Continue reading

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The Sunday Reviews#2

Last Sunday I dropped three short reviews for indie books I have read in the last few months because I was working through a backlog of Amazon reviews. As it proved remarkably popular I thought I would do another one this Sunday, … Continue reading

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The Horror At Red Hook: The Complete Lovecraftian #42

It was back in the 80’s when I first came across the literary universe of H.P Lovecraft, and I came across in it a way that many people fo my generation did, in the form of the Call of Cthulhu … Continue reading

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The Unnameable: The Complete Lovecraft #39

What is it about Randolph Carter and sitting around in graveyards, it never turns out well for him, you would think he would learn… At least this time he is in the pastoral surroundings of New England rather than the middle of … Continue reading

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