taking inspiration where you can , or what happens when you ask a few friends for a first line .

So in a mild moment of whimsy I put the following post on my face book page +https://www.facebook.com/mark.hayes.710667

” Mildly bored and want a challenge, or just something to distract my self with.
Someone give me the first line for a story, anything will do (except once upon a time) , the more obscure or silly the better , I’ll see why I can make from it or them “

some would call this asking for trouble, poaching at the collective minds of my friends for inspiration . Anyway having done so i thought i should at least honor those who took the time to reply by acctually doing the stories ,, and below were the results with credits to those who inspired each little tale ……..

Russell Brownbill “This is where dragons went.”

This is where the dragons went, the deepest darkest caves. 
Far from where man frequents, with all his foolish ways.
Waiting out humanity, in lakes of molten rock.
While Eons pass in the world above, to them the ticking of a clock.
This is where the dragons went, don’t dream of their return
For we’ll be long forgotten then, long past had our turn

Simon Quayle ” The boy fell off the cliff”

The boy fell off the cliff, slowly tumbling to the sand below. In his hand he still grasped the piece of rock which had come away in his hand. Down he tumbled never for a moment thinking that thirty odd years in the future his cousin would bring up his fall on Facebook.

Andy Hawley ” Dr Proteus stepped out of the teleporter

Dr protus stepped out of the teleporter, feeling a moment of wondrous joy that his invention had worked. He cocked his head slightly to one side and pondered the minor problem of the side effects of dematerialising at one side of the lab and reappearing at the other. It was such a minor problem really compared to the achievement of matter transference through a secondary dimension. With this technology humanity could cross the void of space, eliminate the need for cars and public transport, the end of bus ques and no one would ever be late for work again. Pizzas would arrive on time. You could order a book on am a on and have it teleported to your ground room . Truly it was a marvel , and would make his name world famous.
In triumph he proclaimed to the empty lab “cluck…….”
If only it did not turn you into a chicken.
On the bright side his assistant later had scrambled eggs as he wondered where the professor had got to , and why the chicken was trying to peck at the teleported keypad

Badger McThorg He took a second bite of the onion.

 He took a second bit out of the onion, his eyes already watering, streams of tears running down his cheek . but it was worth it , it was proving he wasn’t what they thought he was. eating a raw onion like an apple though , it was hard to swallow. But needs must and he had to convince them not to stake him there and then , and once he had won there trust ………

Julie Dyson-Abad Eggcup jumped down the well

Egg cup jumped down the well ,, closely followed by saucer, china cup and the whole of the side plate family . the mass suicide of the Crockery sociologist church continued well into the night . the knife and forks watched on with horror wishing the serving spoon and the ladle would step in and halt the shattering of pottery ……… the Disney animator thought the little Ron L Hubbard animation was not really up to the normal standards

Diane Mcgarvey The Tinny tiny door creaked open and out stepped…..

The Tinny tiny door creaked open and out stepped….. the shattered remains of the egg cup form the previous story calling for bostik

Jo-anne Walls And from the sinkhole….emerged……

 And from the sinkhole….emerged….. little animated bacteria , all carrying little AK47’s and shouting incoherently . Captain domestos to the rescue suave in his red white and blue to the tune of long live america …………….., the animator thought bringing right wing politics into bleach adverts was a strange move by the republican party , but hey they were paying the bills

Robert Treadwell The sound of the explosion shattered the morning silence

The sound of the explosion shattered the morning silence…… “good god they are using suicide bombs on themselves now ” said knife to spoon , from a couple of stories ago

Chris Hurst How the Haddocks came was a subject of philosophical conjecture.

How the Haddocks came was a subject of philosophical conjecture, not least because in the sea was the answer and the whole idea made going for a swim an experience that took on a new light ,, not least when you considered the rest of the sea life , why the ocean was just one big pool of sexual fluids floating around . who brought this subject up ,, oh chris ,,, no surprises there then ……

David James McKinley A handsome man enters, he looks suspicious…..

  A handsome man enters,’ he looks suspicious’, thought the barman of the dime bar in Bradford on a Thursday night . no beard , the lack of a world worn face, if he had charm to go with his good looks he was definitely in the wrong place. the barman check to make sure the ‘no boy bands’ sign was still in the window. As+Dave McKinley Music began to sing and the crowd got up to dance .

Honest Ron I awake nude in a forest

I awake nude in a forest ( Ronnie mate , no one wants that image )  

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