Ann Girdharry Tales of the unexpected, book review

This is a little unusual as book reviews go because this is actually four separate short stories from the same author. Each available on amazon. They are however artfully crafted and an interesting read if you have a short time to spare and want to lose yourself in a writers story for a while. As they are short stories there is a definite limit to how much I can say about each without delving towards spoiler territory. So the reviews for each are brief. Some of the tales hold a paranormal aspect others are more grounded in the mundane world. But each is well written and well considered.
1 Trading with death
The first of this quandary of tales is a deceivingly simple tale of two sisters and the love between them and the lengths one will go to protect the other. While simple in aspect it weaves a complex pattern around the tale that belies its simplicity. Well written it draws you in to care about the sisters, and the choice one makes to protect the other from that which awaits us all.
2  Sweet Justic

This is a darker tale than the first in the series, if only because it is grounded in the mundane. Again well told and crafted. The art of the short story requires not a word is wasted and Ann wastes none in this tale. A story which could have bene expanded to the plot of a whole novel is condensed perfectly in to the short form.  A tale of dark intents and fear, told form the prospective of a victim striving to face the fear that dwells within her home.

260033193 tell Me A Secret

This tale leads you a merry dance of half clues and snippets that keep you guessing and reading. While its starts with a simple set up it tricks you into a darker stranger path than you perhaps expect at first and draws you along. Again well written and well-crafted throughout and not a word wasted.

261216184 Written on the Apple Tree
A tale with a delightful twist. As well told as the others and exhibiting the same craft. This is a haunting tale, of loves long lost and yet remembered. It is perhaps slightly weaker than the others but that is only when judges against the authors high standards.

The short form is underrated at times. It is complex and difficult to pull off well. Ann manages to draw the complex and the simple together and tale an engrossing tale. It is something many writers fail to do. I look forward to her forth coming novel if she can write as well in the longer form it should be well worth the read. 
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