the art of the self publicist

I am not by nature a graphic artist , my medium is words, as your probably aware. However, some of the Microsoft suite tools are useful for making fairly quick promo’s for even the list visually artistic of us. the one’s below took all of about ten minutes each and are basic power point slides dressed up and turned into jpegs. Not sure if they are particularly visually stunning 🙂 , or attention grabbing but they do seem to be more effective than written adds with lots of text    
There are lots of people offering to do this as a service for which they charge anything from a fiver (on funnily enough)  to lots and indeed many. Being as I am far from wealthy at the moment and thrifty in general I have put together a couple of my own (see below ) 

The second is a clone in many ways with just the background changed and the words slide about a little. The book cover does look more book covery size wise

I am going to experiment further when I have time. Playing with fonts and pictures more to make something more visually stunning if I can . But thought I would share these here for any budding self-publicist to have a glance at and see what can be achieved with a little effort.

It is interested just how many more likes etc you get on Facebook groups for readers / writers  when you publish a picture like the above over a small wall of text. So it seems to be worth the effort of doing so .

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