I don’t do many interviews. There is a reason for this. I don’t get asked to do interviews very often … In fact as far as I remember the only actual interview I have done previously was for the publisher’s book club when they gave me an award, and that site closed down shortly afterwards.
Not due to my interview, but due to illness I hasten to add.

Luckily Jianne who ran that site is on the road to recovery now, though it’s a long hard road , but I digress and only mention this because I have talked about Jianne’s problems and the ridiculousness of the American health care situation before on here.

Anyway that aside I still have never done many interviews, because I don’t ask people to do them. Publicity is all well and good but I prefer to grow organically, and some ‘interview’ sites are scams that ask for money for the interview etc. Paid publicity is a choice, but know what you paying for is always my opinion and I do not trust the scam blogs that I have seen out there. However, on occasion people just ask if you want to do an interview. As Mercedes Fox did for her blog, and I had loads of fun answering her questions.

So if you have a moment swing by her site (link) , enjoy and take a while to read some of the other stuff she has there.

In other news more Passing Place and Cider Lane teasers to enjoy 🙂

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