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Step in from the cold, through the saloon door of the strangest bar in creation. A place where causality is just a set of rules and the rules can be bent. Where no one knows your name, but everyone has a story to tell. Where the answers to that most impossible of questions may lay, “Why?” In a novel that goes everywhere and nowhere, and is about the journey in-between. Welcome to Esqwith’s Piano Bar and Grill. A ‘Passing Place.’ A place off to one side of reality, where your troubles can just slip on by. An impossible place that bridges dimensions and time itself.

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Sonny, the doorman, drinks his brandy and tells a story of death row. A green haired girl sits in her tree and speaks of the wolf of winter. The Weaver of tears, cries her diamonds, and the Gunslinger speaks of death riding in on desert winds. The Greyman tells of his soulless world, before dancing with his mop once more. While in the kitchen the chef bends causality to make the greatest sandwich in the world, and the devil behind the bar tells tall tales while he pours you a drink. A place where stories are told and retold a new, and a place where something lurks unseen, something from the void, something dangerous, something hungry, something red…

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“The Greyhound pulled away into the thunderous summer storm, leaving in its wake a dishevelled, world-weary figure in the dark, deserted bus station.”

Richard is a man come to an end. Grieving after the death of his wife he has travelled the back roads of America in the search for an answer to that most impossible of questions. Why? Looking for that answer in all the wrong place. In a Hicksville town in the western desert, he answers a want ad for a piano player and finds himself in the Passing Place, an impossible bar, where the patrons all have stories to tell…

Fantasy and sci-fiction collide with horror and the supernatural in a world where reality is a matter of perception…

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Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

This book is an (unexpected) gem as far as I am concerned. I read the writer’s first book as well, which was also an enjoyable read, but this one fitted a lot better with the genre I normally read. It’s a very interesting mixture of fantasy, horror, a doorman with a past, a club with a forest attached, an engaging personal journey…all mixed with a bit of suspense.
…oh, and there is a cat. An odd one…
In summary, it combines many different things with a story that goes nowhere and everywhere, and I will be waiting impatiently for the sequel….


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About Mark Hayes

Writer A messy, complicated sort of entity. Quantum Pagan. Occasional weregoth Knows where his spoon is, do you? #author #steampunk http://linktr.ee/mark_hayes
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