30 Days of NaNoWriMo: Day 2

Day 2.  on my NaNoWriMo calendar this year…

What were we thinking?

  • Target for the day, get to 3333 words
  • Current word count 879 words

One day down, twenty-nine to go, and in my personal journey I am already behind. This is not the way it is supposed to go, the first day (for me at least) is generally the easiest of the lot, and a wave of enthusiasm takes me past the first wordcount and banks a few hundred words for less enthusiastic days… yet I did not even get myself past a thousand…

In my feeble defence, however, I expected this to happen because…


The best-laid Nanowrimo plans of mice and men mean nothing when their girlfriend is a Goldfrapp fan and you have tickets for a gig on the 1st of November…

So I am behind, I am probably not the only one, and ‘The Goldfrapp Problem…‘ is not a unique experience, unlike a Goldfrapp concert which definitely is…  But, as I reminded myself this morning, ‘I do not live to write, I write to live…’ which no writer ever said, but you would have thought one of them would have done so. Typically even the search for helpful quotes has let me down this morning… However, for everyone out there trying Nanowrimo for the first time, it is important to remember that life should not stop just because you’re trying to hit the magic 50000. Every writer writes from experience to one degree or another. Even if you’re writing about a zombie lawyer and his bestial partner trying to track down ‘The Elf-Kings Thingy...’ You still draw from real life. So it’s important to go out and experience it… Even in November writing month…


So if you did miss your first-day target like me because of something beyond your control (or just going to a gig with your girlfriend.) take heart with the wisdom of Douglas…


That whooshing sound, that was life, and you have to remember to live it… And there is always time to catch up tomorrow…

As before good luck to all of those on this journey…and adios for now ( I still have my own writing to do and an extra 500 words or so to catch up on…)


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