Birthday Book Sale…

While it is no more than an excuse to do so, as it was my birthday a few days ago Both my in print novels are available on Kindle this week on a special sale price of 99c / 99p depending which region you live in. I seldom do this so please take advantage of this offer while you can.

Helpful little links below that also let you read a couple of chapters each for free…



While I never ask for people to like and share stuff, due to the vain assumption people just will if they are moved to do so. It would be really nice if people did on this occasion and much appreciated


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6 Responses to Birthday Book Sale…

  1. lynnefisher says:

    Hi Mark, I’m giving Cider lane a go – look forward to reading it! Happy Birthday too!

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  2. lynnefisher says:

    Just to let you know I loved it! (Did a couple of reviews) I know it can be a pain when someone asks this, but I didn’t want the book to end, do you think you’ll do a sequel?

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    • darrack1 says:

      People keep asking me that (which I don’t mind as it is a great compliment)
      I don’t plan to, though I have occasionally had ideas for one occur to me, they seem half-formed ideas at best. They have never come to life for me.
      I won’t do a sequel for the sake of a sequel, it would have to be a whole new story that was complete in of itself. Susanna co. could turn up again, she has a lot of life left to live, and I know in my own mind where life takes her after Cider Lane, but I don’t tell people as I suspect every reader ends up with their own idea of what happens after the end of the novel. Or I hope as much.
      (Susanna actually makes a very fleeting cameo appearance in Passing Place, but that is just a fleeting nod to my own ego at best, I just needed an image that fit with a little part of that story and Susanna opening tin cans felt exactly right at the time…)
      If a story came to me I would write it, if it was the right story. I don’t like writing the same story twice, so it would be something different. (given I don’t even stick to one genre as a writer, that’s probably small surprise…)
      About the closest to Cider Lane on my radar at the moment is a novel with the working title ‘The Farm’ but that’s merely a few scratched together notes, it has a similar feel to it that Cider Lane had when I first started thinking about it. But I have to finish ‘A spider in the eye’ first, work more on ‘something red’ and ‘maybes daughter’ so it would be unwise to start something new just now…
      That said I am seldom wise so who knows 🙂

      PS. thank you so much for the reviews, I had seen them, in fact, I actually wrote a blog post that was more or less an excuse to say thank you to you this morning before you posted here.


  3. lynnefisher says:

    Thanks Mark, it was a pleasure, and I know how you feel about the sequel idea. I left my turtle beach a wee bit open ended in case I wanted to go back to the characters who I love, I jotted down a few ideas as to what plot form this could take. But no, not just for the sake of it, I have others I wnat to write on different themes altogether. And that has to come first. Cheers 🙂

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