New release…

Well, it’s finally out there.


Though… For reasons I am not entirely sure of the kindle version (edit kindle version now live too)  is taking some time to go live, however, available in paperback NOW for the tiny price of 4 squids…
And on kindle very very soon for a single squid…
My little novelette A Scar of Avarice…

Note, squids is not a typo, but for those that don’t buy things in cephalopods, pounds will do 🙂…

Alternatively, if you live outside the former heart of the British Empire, in the land which replaced it for $5.49…

(disclaimer: cephalopods are not a negotiable currency, neither are crustations.)

I suspect I will mention it again in the next couple of posts but just thought I would do a quick one first …

Kindle links are finally active as well 🙂





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3 Responses to New release…

  1. brad217 says:


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  2. lynnefisher says:

    Congratulations, Mark! Very stylish cover..

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