A brief review…

I don’t always have the time to do long reviews on here, and sometimes long reviews are not whats needed. On other occasions I make a note to do someone a quick review on Amazon and then get distracted… As I am trying to avoid just forgetting to do a review I plan to try and post them up on here as an when I do them as well. When I do they will be brief affairs and to the point, as opposed to my usual wittering on. Just because I only have a little to say about a book doesn’t detract from the quality of the book itself. Just sometimes I don’t feel the need to write a essay on something i read purely for the fun of it. But a short review is better than none, and such reviews are always appreciated by the writers in question I know form personal experience. This is one of those…

Emerald Beginnings By Victoria L Szulc

This short story is a fun and interesting read. It does a great job setting the scene for what  will probably be a very different series from the usual run of the mill YA stuff. The duality of the narrative, that of the young woman in New York looking to find her feet after life throws a curve ball at her and the life she is ‘dreaming’ each night in another version of reality, a world of steam power and strange inventions that has so many possibilities, I look forward to where the author might take this.


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