Hannibalisum’s… #1

Old Hannibal says some strange things at times. As such this is the start of an irregular series of quotes form the Hannibal Smyth novels, because occasionally one should probably remember to do some promotion work for ones own novels for a change…

hannibalisum 1

This quote comes not from the novels but from a short story set earlier in Hannibal’s life, while he was still a serving in the Royal Air Navy and had was yet to be sentences to perform the Tyburn jig… It was published in Harvey Duckman presents Volume 1, an ecliptic collection of short stories from a host of very talented indie writers (and me), the next volume of the Harvey Duckman Presents anthologies (volume 4) will feature another of these glimpsing into Hannibal’s early life. Ponderously entitles The Elves and the Boot-maker. I may make mention of this again in April when it hits the shelves… around the same time as the first Maybe Novel will be launched at Scarborough Sci-fi, which are set right at the dawning of Hannibal’s world a a hundred and fifty years before our ‘hero’ first finds himself ‘invited’ to work for the good of the empire by the omnipresent Ministry.


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