A cast of several: Mr Albert Gothe

For reasons… I’ve been playing around with character cameos…  Those reasons are not, for once, procrastination… While they were not made for the blog I thought I may as well post them here as well with a little background on the characters concerned. Thus I present a new little series of posts, A cast of several…. Starting with Albert Gothe, Benjamin Wests former man-servant from the ‘A Ballard of Maybe’s’ series…


While writing ‘Maybe’, the first of the ‘A Ballad of maybe’s’ novels Mr Gothe became one of my favorite character to write, his view of the world and the events described in the first novel are unique all considered, which made him equally unique to write. As such once I let the novel out into the world I was delighted to discover he became a firm fan favorite. Originally in the first drafts and plotting’s he was a minor supporting character but as characters sometimes do Albert Gothe the West family Former Man-servant took on an increasingly important role in the subsequent drafts of the first novel. Indeed he became pivotal in several places, events would have gone far differently without him and his somewhat laconic observations which might well be humour. Its always easy to tell if Gothe is joking, he has something of the gallows about him after all…

The Maybe series is set in the same universe as the Hannibal Smyth novels, but takes place a hundred and fifty years or more years before the events of Hannibal time. Miss Maybe’s world is closer to the real Victorian era, an age of steam power and strange inventions, just as things are about to get very strange for all concerned…

I would say more, much more, but as is the nature of things Mr Gothe’s story is central to much of the first book (and the sequels) so I don’t want to drop too many spoilers…

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These cameos were build for Instagram, if you would like to follow me there the link is www.instagram.com/markhayes6/

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