Pirates of Harvey 2

Avast M’hearties Pirate Day be a’coming. So batten down y’hatches. Splice the main sails. Steer with the wind, and damn y’eyes, for that callow cove Captain Duckman will keel haul the lot of y’ if y’nay pay him some mind…

International Talk Like A Pirate Day is on the horizon, and with it comes the release of Harvey Duckman Presents, The Pirate Special.

Just like the main series of Harvey Duckman Anthologies this is a collection of fifteenth exciting new writers and established independent authors of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, horror and Steampunk. To celebrate this I’m running a feature for the new few weeks on the authors and stories featured in this edition, cause Captain Duckman made me and there was mention of rum…

Mostly because of the rum…

Ben Sawyer is a writer of paranormal fiction based in York. He is constantly mining the city’s dark snickelways for material for a series of urban fantasy novels and short stories. All he needs is a tall ship, a star to steer her by, and a nameless terror from the dawn of time. Gin helps too.

Ben previously featured in the Harvey Duckman Christmas Special with a well received story about the ghosts of York Minister. he is currently work on his first novel ‘Waking the Witch’ the first book in an urban fantasy series set in York which we look forward to enormously (having just read the blurb below on his website.)

Mira Chaudhri didn’t believe in ghosts until one killed the electrician.

Yesterday, Mira was a perfectly ordinary inhabitant of the historically touristy city of York. Tonight, she’s going to learn that every story ever told about her city is true, and many more besides. And there are a lot of stories…

Because tonight, a monster is lurking in the shadows, hunting for prey. The Hangman has come to call and the only thing standing in its way is a woman whose work is literally never done.

Holly has protected the city for longer than she’d care to admit. A lifetime spent battling supernatural horrors, patrolling the boundaries of the spirit world, and fighting off hell itself with nothing but an umbrella and a Kate Bush mixtape.

Not surprisingly, she’s proper knackered.

So Holly needs a helping hand, and Mira’s about to become her new best friend. Together they’ll venture into the otherworldly corners of Europe’s most haunted city, to solve the terrible mystery of the Hangman. And every step of the way, the girl in the bobble hat will be waiting for them. Waiting for the tale to be told…

Welcome to York. Where owt’s possible.

The Harvey Pirates Special comes out on International Talk Like A Pirate Day on the 19th of September and will be available in paperback and on kindle, the kindle version is available for pre-order now… So get it or I’ll make yer walk the plank…

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