The Elf King Project

I mentioned back in January that I have several writing projects in hand at the moment. This I know will probably comes as little surprise to anyone. While I am mainly working on the third Hannibal novel ‘A Squid on the Shoulder’, and banging my head against the wall that is the second Maybe novel ( on its third or forth replotting currently ), I also have a non-fiction book to finish about Lovecraft, which I had hoped to get finished for the 15th of march ( as the ide’s of march is both my birthday and by sheer coincidence was the day on which Lovecraft died).

Three major projects at the same time is one would think is enough for any writer, and does not take into account the short stories for the Harvey Duckman Anthologies and other things. In short no sane writer would start a fourth major project, let alone a project that will be written and put out into the world in a different way to everything else…

Sanity, it is over rated and entirely subjective…

Which brings me to The Elf King project, a forth major project the blame for which lays at the feet of Craig Hallam (because I am stealing his idea and doing it my own way). Craig has been publishing as part works which went out by chapter each month to his peatron supporters. They proved popular, and once the full story had been published this way they became two rather remarkable novella’s, one of which I really like (the other I utterly ardour).

Craig is not alone in this approach, several other writers I know and admire are doing simpler things. Publish in part work on your website is surprisingly popular, but I have generally avoided it for several reasons.

A part work, is an old fashioned way of publishing a book, dating back to magazines like The Strand within whoms pages Sherlock Homes first walked the foggy streets of Victorian London. The practise of publishing stories one section at a time was in part the reason the idea of chapters was first developed in fiction. The same method of part works was used often in magazines like Amazing Stories and Weird Tales for the longer stories of Poe and Lovecraft. Part Works have been around along time in other words. But this is not the reason for my new project.

The Elf King project (or to give the project its real name ‘The Elf King’s Thingy’ started out as an aborted NaNoWriMo project several years ago. I’ve gone back to it several times since and know the story I want to tell. the problem with it has always been finding the time to commit to it as a project. I may want to write it, but I have other work I need to focus on, so it has just sat idling on my hard drive.

Due to the multiple POV, shifting perspective, shifting focus, style of this story, which takes place in the real world, the world of the fay, the space between the second and third layer of hell, right now, tomorrow , yesterday and fifteen hundred years in the past… the story is complex. But it is also written in small segments of varying lengths rather than chapters. It flits about because it flits about and flitting about is how the story needs to be told. This was always the plan. But this short flitting style lends itself to publishing in part work. However, my methodology as a writer does not…

The problem is I write very much by revision, I am also dyslexic, which adds a layer of difficulty. Even my editor never sees a first draft , or a third for that matter… I often rewrite earlier bits of a story and revise as I go. While I try to avoid this with first drafts, no one sees first drafts but me…

‘The Elf King’s Thingy’ which has always been a working title, purely as it amused me, if not finished. For a revisionist this is a problem if I publish it as a part work. As the final story may have major changes. However, publishing as a part work appeals due to the nature of the story and because what i intend to do is release one ‘flit’ a week, ( a flit anything between 500 and 2000 words). and so that is all I need to write for it each week(in theory ,, of course 1000 words published takes me 5000 words to write… because revisionist…). I do however have the first 8 parts , or two months , more or less written, and part of the point of this is it will drive me to write a ‘flit’ for the on going part work each week. There are reasons for doing it this way, while the aim may be to entertain, to bring a wry smile, and the occasion moment of laughter and joy to the readers. The main reason is to make me actually write this story that has been kicking about in my head for several years, without sitting down and focusing on writing the whole book. I have other books to write after all.

As for when the first ‘flit’ of The Elf king’s Thingy’ will hit the internet, Well everyone needs something to smile about on a Monday lunch time…

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