An Open letter to the Labour party after the welfare bill

note. I don’t do very much political blogging. As while i have strong view these view are my own and i don’t affiliate with any political party because none of them represent my views. In some maters i am very liberal in others , though not many, i have a more conservative bent. I am however a student of politics among other things.

An open letter to the +Labour Party .
After the welfare bill.

Dear Gutless
(for gutless please read the parliamentary labour party with the exception of 48 of them who actually have a spine)
according to your own website, in regards to the history of the labour party
“This history of the Labour Party celebrates our achievements from its emergence in 1900 as a parliamentary pressure group. We are right to regard as historic the establishment of the National Health Service, the enshrining in law of equality of opportunity for all and the creation and maintenance of an empowering welfare state “
Important bit here :
>>>maintenance of an empowering welfare state<<<
You recently lost Scotland because you became indistinguishable from the Torys.
You Lost the British people by lying to us and to parliament leading us into an illegal war.
Now you have lost all credibly by Abstaining against a bill that isolates, disenfranchises and alienates the poor. The very people who once put you in power. The people you should stand for, the weak and the vaurable.
In a society recovering from the mess free market economics has placed us in. A mess created by miss management of the banks by the greedy and the rich, and the drive for profit over integrity and for that matter common sense. You are advocating by inaction a culture where the least fortunate in society are blamed and punished for the excesses of the most fortunate.
Did you learn nothing from the last election.
Once you were the party of the people. Now you are the party of no one. The middle classes don’t want you for you Tory lite philosophies. the Upper class despise you, and the lower classes have been forgotten by you.
We scream out for choice. for an option , for a party that stands for something.
Instead we get a party which can not even vote with the convictions of its party members. Instead chooses to Abstain from a bill that imposing austerity on the poor for the excesses of the rich
Stop claiming to stand for the worker , the poor, the disenfranchised and the worst off in society. When you don’t have the spine to vote No to a bill which is against everything you should stand for .
You are no longer the labour party.
Your not even new labour any more.
with kindest regards
A Voter

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