cider lane reviews

I review books fairly often here , or at least it is my intent to do so , but it would seem some what incestuous to review my own. Instead as nice people have taken there time to read and review cider lane at various places on the web, and I hardly mention it here as a rule I thought I would put up a selection of them.

from TC on good reads

A great story that really makes you feel for the characters and what they are having to experience. This book will keep you filled with curiosity about how the main characters are going to deal with the hardships in their lives. The author did an awesome job with the plot and storyline. It’s a great read.

From Amazon uk 

A well paced and interesting story, this is a good book to take on holiday. With detailed description and fascinating insights about the life of a gentleman of the road, this book will catch your attention and engage your interest all the way to the dramatic conclusion.
Mr paul mellor 

A book that you have to read more than once as you just keep discovering new little gems hidden with it.
Mr R Tredwell

An excellent read, thoroughly enjoyed it and very much looking forward to the next one 👍
Janye P 

I would recommend this book it is a good read, great holiday read, for relaxing on the beach
Diane Magavey 

From Amazon .com 

Brilliant read , looking forward to your next book

and via text 

I’ve finished your book , it was very good  get on with the next one 

so obviously I am most pleased with the last one 

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