When we were seventeen by Waiting for Wednesday Album review

Having subjected everyone to my ‘music journalism‘ in my last post. I had no real intention of ever doing so again as I don’t claim to know much about music beyond what I like. I will admit what I like is a very long eclectic list, but I can’t play, can’t sing and would not know how to write a lyric if I tried. This may not matter a great deal to music industry journalists whom the same description may fit. But it matters to me if I am going to offer my opinion on my blog about someone’s hard work and talent.
I can talk about writers, I am one.
It doesn’t mean my opinion is of particular worth, but at least, I have a leg to stand on, even if its a wooden leg carved from a broom handle, but people who read my work, at least, may have an opinion of my work on which to ascribe a value to my opinion.
When it comes to music, I can only talk about what I like. Beyond that, it’s all conjecture as to the worth of anything I say.


Anyway all that on one side, and the reasons I will not be venturing into music journalism here very often. I do however get to see a lot of the West Yorkshire music scene, and get to see a few bands live on a regular basis, normally because I am in Bradford or the surrounding area to see friends and catch Nervous ‘Orse play, a band who’s members are all friends of mine, somewhere on the spectrum between nodding acquaintances and lifelong friends depending on which member we are talking of. The bonus of these friendships is I get to meet and listen to other musicians, those beautiful people of strange talents which were probably gains at the crossroads at midnight in negotiations with the devil. (I speak as one of the musically talentless who would therefore rather believe in some nefarious deals with Lucifer over hard work, practise and passion be getting music wonder.)

One of the bands I have caught the most is Waiting for Wednesday. A wonderfully talented duo of Laura Shackleton and Anna Watkins. Playing as support for, and on numerous occasion been supported by Nervous Orse., or just generally on the same bill ( Often higher up the bill than the ‘Orse) I think the first time was at a small pub music festival a couple of summers ago.

They both sing while Laura plays the guitar, their vocals complimenting each other with the kind of harmony’s that seem effortlessly entwined. Anna’s deeper huskier voice melodiously mixed with Laura’s lighter but equally powerful voice.

They remind me of First Aid Kit both lyrically and with those harmonies. The same haunting twilight to their lyrics that draws you in to listen.

Their new album gifted me something else on top of the live experience in the way of drums and other instruments on the backing track to and new depth to their recordings.

Anyway, enough waffling on, follow the link and listen for yourself. Go on give it a good listen before you read any further. Turn the volume up and take a seat for a moment. Give your ears a treat and your soul a moment of humanity


So anyway. In a review, I should really tell you what I think. That is sort of the point of a review after all.
It is, to use a vernacular I seldom write in, but as I come from the same part of the world I shall for once. Blooming marvellous.

The ladies are taking a break from playing live for a while, which I would say is sad if it was not because they are expecting the patter of the next generations feet in a few months. So it’s going to be a while before I get to listen to them live. However, this album ( and the previous one ) will fill the void I am sure. I suspect it will play at lot in the background as I write. Much like the might ‘Orse.

So there you go, go buy the album, and indeed their other ones. Invest in some glorious West Yorkshire musical muses work, your ears and your soul will love you for it.


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