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Ending the drought…

I’ve had a bit of a dry January. Not that apocryphal one that borderline alcoholics and fitness obsessives have made popular in the last decade or so. ‘I shall not partake of strong drink for thirty-one days after the excesses of the holidays…’ … Continue reading

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Happy hoildays

To all my readers, or at least the couple of dozen regular ones  Merry Christmas Happy Honika  Worshipful solcice  Notable Newtonmas Festive yule Greasy Hogswatch Not to mention but including Humanlight, hogmanay, Kwanzaa, Chalice, Dongzei, and many others  And a … Continue reading

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The Moon-bog: The Complete Lovecraftian #31

If in doubt, the sunken ruins of a lost city are just where you go, at least if you’re the old tentacle hugger. You have probably noticed that and if you haven’t then you’re not really paying attention. Lost cities and … Continue reading

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The Outsider: The Complete Lovecraft#30

Every writer will on occasion be influenced in style and subject by those whose writing he admires. That’s why they are called influences after all. Sometimes this is deliberate, sometimes not so much, and on occasion sometimes the writer doesn’t realise … Continue reading

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The ‘ends’ of Doctor Who?

Just to be clear I borrow most of this. it does however exactly express my own view… 23/11/1963 – Doctor Who begins. Doctor Who dies. 21/12/1963 – Silly robot monsters introduced into informative historical series. Doctor Who dies. 26/12/1964 – … Continue reading

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The Rare Unsigned Copy: and other mistakes

“You don’t really want one of the signed copies, what you really want is one of those rare unsigned copies.” Laughter echoed around the bar at the Blackpool landlords amusing quip… Possibly because this was one of the funniest things anyone … Continue reading

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The Statement of Randolph Carter: The Complete Lovecraft #14

This is one of those tales you come across in Lovecraft’s mythos that leaves you with no more than a half-hearted um… It’s just simple and straightforward without any real depth to it. A run of the mill tale that … Continue reading

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