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Drink Up Me Harveys, Yo-Ho – Harvey Duckman Presents Volume 11

Originally posted on Ben Sawyer: A classic edition of Harvey Duckman Presents is rising from the briny depths once more with a new look. In the long-forgotten before times of 2020, a plan was hatched to concoct a pirates-themed…

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Darker Ages

There is an industry around romanticised paganism, its nothing new, it has been going on for decades, indeed more than decades, the Victorians were romanticising Britian’s past two centuries back. But there has been a particular raft of ‘cuddly’ paganism … Continue reading

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The Joy of Random Things

There is something to be said for a low budget B movie that tried it best to rise above the constraints of budget, hockey writing, less than talented actors and more plot holes than plot to have holes in. Actually … Continue reading

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Survivors cover.

Originally posted on The Hopeless Vendetta:
Hello again people! (and others) It’s a strange and interesting time for us. We are finishing up the final volume of the Hopeless, Maine graphic novel series and this is the conclusion of something…

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Blaming the Poor

Originally posted on Druid Life:
There’s nothing new about blaming the poor for poverty. To my knowledge, the same ideas have been doing the rounds in the UK for as long as anyone has been keeping notes on such things.…

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Confidence is a form of magic

Originally posted on Druid Life:
So much of what we do depends on having enough confidence. Day to day life is full of decisions – many of which we may not even notice making on a normal day. However, if…

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A failure to Beware!

A year ago I discovered an oddly entertaining fact. I was born on the day Howard Philip Lovecraft died. Why I found this oddly entertaining is a long story, but in essence, I’ve joked for a long time that I … Continue reading

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Dystopian Forrest’s and the Merrily Method

I’m not a great believer in self-help books… I always find them a suspicious offering. I suspect the only selves ever really helped are the ones selling the books. Which is ultimately the point of them, to make money. It … Continue reading

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And sometimes you just need to hear it…

This morning, as I got in the car to drive to work, the radio told me Meatloaf had died. Meatloaf, particularly when in combination with Jim Steinman’s lyrics, has long been part of my life. My older sister bought Bat … Continue reading

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Micro Fictions

I don’t like micro fiction. I say this not to denigrate it as entertainment or indeed as an art form. It is simply a personal thing. If pushed as to why I don’t like it then I will admit that … Continue reading

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