Passing Place shorts

As part of an ongoing series on my facebook page I have been making these small excerpts of the forthcoming passing place, I intend to do one for each chapter, just because there fun and make for nice teasers. I’ll probably not get all 20 odd chapters done in the end, but we will see. For now, enjoy them for what there are, a Glimpse through the doors of the strangest bar in the multiverse…

 The great pack, the pack of all packs gathered, and he did speak to them of his dream.

“We must seek out this golden child, this creature called the new spring, and we must rend the flesh from its bones, suck deep upon its marrow, that we shall sleep once more in our winter, go forth with tooth and claw, go forth with the guile and cunning, go forth with the fury of the howl, seek him, find him and devour” …….

…..he answered her in that same monotone tombstone cold voice.

“I am the reaper of souls, the bringer of Discordia, the death incarnate of this world. I have ridden upon a pale steed across the four corners, for time uncounted. I am the bringer of endings and despair to all. With you I would break that cycle, with you I would bring life rather than death, if but once upon this world.”
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