Passing place short #2

As part of an ongoing series on my facebook page I have been making these small excerpts of the forthcoming passing place, I intend to do one for each chapter, just because there fun and make for nice teasers. I’ll probably not get all 20 odd chapters done in the end, but we will see. For now, enjoy them for what there are, a Glimpse through the doors of the strangest bar in the multiverse…

“No, not a dream. It feels like a nightmare,” he whispered to himself, not even realising he had voiced the thought aloud.
“That’s because it is,” purred a voice near his feet. He looked down to see the cat at his heels and felt suddenly safer the moment he realised she was there.
She looked up at him, meeting his gaze, all dark eyes that reflected what little light there was, mak-ing them seem to glow in the darkness. Then she added with a tone that spoke of concern. “But not yours,”
“Whose then?” he asked uncertainly.

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