On the off chance anyone missed it My new novel Passing Place came out today.  Needless to say I am very happy about this 🙂

more news on this front in the next few days

Fantasy and science-fiction collide with horror and the supernatural in a world where reality is a matter of perception…
Sonny, the doorman, drinks his brandy and tells a story of death row. A green haired girl sits in her tree and speaks of the Wolf of Winter. The Weaver of Tears cries diamonds, and the Gunslinger speaks of death riding in on desert winds. The Grey Man tells of his soulless world before dancing with his mop once more. In the kitchen the chef bends casually to make the greatest sandwich in the world. And the devil behind the bar tells tall tales while he pours you a drink.
Welcome to Esqwith’s Piano Bar and Grill. Where the impossible is the everyday and reality is just a matter of perspective. Even the cat has a story to tell…
An impossible place that bridges dimensions and time itself. A place where stories are told and retold anew. A place where something lurks unseen, something from the void, something dangerous, something hungry, something red…
On kindle and in paperback.


About Mark Hayes

Writer A messy, complicated sort of entity. Quantum Pagan. Occasional weregoth Knows where his spoon is, do you? #author #steampunk
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