Waiting at the bus stop of lost hopes…

Okay, slight over dramatic title for this piece, but it is taken from the name of the first chapter of Passing Place so it had a certain appeal because waiting is more or less what I am doing. It’s not an unusual situation for a writer, or at least for this writer.
I waited to find my urge and need to write when I got stuck half way through Passing Place.
I waited till I had finished Cider Lane ( my first novel) before I went back to Passing Place.
I waited after the first real draft was done till I could face the second.
I waited for proofreaders to read through
Then waited some more…

And now I face the most agonising of waits, the wait for readers to read the book, to hear back from a few about how they did, or did not like it. And of course, the wait for reviews.

Image result for waiting

While I wait I have things to do….. and a list of them indeed.

1.  Make promotional meme pictures/adverts for Passing Place

2. Make promotional video for Passing place

3. Mention Passing Place on every bit of social media I can find to get the word out there.

4. Post out the sign copies of the paperback that have arrived

5. Wait

6. Start writing the sequel

And most importantly ….

7.  Resist urge to ask people for reviews, Amazon stars, good read stars, the mentioning of the novel to friends…..

So waiting, in the possibly vague hope people will like the novel …

oh 8. write blog posts ……  

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