30 Days of NaNoWriMo: Day 5

Day 5:  And today the calendar offers this gem of wisdom… (yes I ain’t sure what it means either, just go with it, 5 days in the brain gets a little odd sometimes…)

The plot bunnies are coming, write for your life…

  • Target for the day, get to 8333 words
  • Current word count 3589 words

So if you’re following this little wander alongside my NaNoWriMo journey, you will probably notice that word count has barely moved. Yes for all my advice yesterday on how to deal with the weekend, I failed utterly to follow any of my own advice… So nothing new there (says anyone who has read any of my writing/self-publishing guide posts over the last year or so, chock full as they are of advice based on my own mistakes.)   Added to this, if your really paying attention you’ll notice this post is late because I normally post these about noonish in the UK. Which is because after a long day of not writing yesterday, and an evening catching up with Lucifer with my girlfriend on the sofa, we drove out to see a wonder of nature in the dales at High Force Waterfall…


A fracture point where a seam of volcanic rock slips between a layer of sandstone and Limestone, has caused over several hundred thousand years to create this wonder, ain’t nature grand…  The Wifi service is shocking however and there is nowhere to plug in your laptop. Unlike where these update posts have mostly been written, at work in my lunch hour…

So, as a result, I am over 3000 words short of where I should have been yesterday before I even start typing tonight, let alone the 1300 words needed for today. I have however had a good weekend, spent time with my significant other, caught up with the prince of hell’s odd little adventures in LA and seen a really great waterfall, oh and on the way to it passed a mating pair of alpacas, which was odd to see in the Yorkshire Dales. So writing wise it has been a bust, and writing this post is not helping me much getting back on track… So rather than an inspirational quote, today it’s just a painfully honest sign to make and put on the door of your personal writing cave if your NaNoWriMo weekend has gone anything like mine…


And, one bit of sages advice if you are as far behind as me, I have been further behind and still got across the finish line in the past, and sometimes, no matter what the cynic’s say, its the taking part that matters most…

Good luck to everyone, off now to try and get some serious catching up done with the rest of my evening and hopefully cut into that word court at last.


Adios for now.


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