The Sunday Reviews #3

Okay, your used to the drill by now no doubt and probably see no reason to read this first bit of waffle. Which is fair enough because I’m not sure why I’m writing this first bit of waffle. Other than as a little introduction to the three indie novels I am throwing up short reviews, based on the Amazon reviews I posted for them today. You may recognise the 4th novel in this little list, and the review for it isn’t written by me, its included purely because it’s a new review from this week and a bit of nepotism does no one any harm (also because its the 18th review on for Cider Lane and I am so close to the magical 20 reviews I can almost taste it…)

It's Grim Up North: A Zombie Tale (IGUN Book 1) by [Wilkinson, Sean]It’s Grim Up North By Sean Wilkinson

Geordie zombies, is this key side on a Saturday night

 Grim up north it may be, but it’s also fun in a frivolous entertaining bloodthirsty way. The walking dead meets Auf Wiedersehen Pet, and a mad survival nut shows why planning for the apocalypse is not that mad an idea in the first place


The Last Necromancer (The Ministry Of Curiosities Book 1) by [Archer, C.J.]

The Last Necromancer By C.J.Archer

Grim Romance
The Victorian world can be a grim place, and if you fall off the edge it’s even grimmer. Even if you can raise the dead. Archer manages to make her world feel real an draws you into it so well for a while you forget it isn’t real



Bitcoin Hurricane (SimCavalier Book One): A cyber security conspiracy fiction novel by [Baucherel, K.R.]

Bright Futures
Baucherel caught me completely off guard and laid bare a somewhat gross assumption on my part. Did so with some style, a simple enough curveball to thrown at the reader, but it was somewhat masterly pulled off,  I was well and truly hooked, because I am a sucker for having my assumptions thrown back at me…



And finally this week, this little review of another indie novel which won an award once, the review is by someone else clearly, as I am not that nepotistic.

Cider Lane: Of silences and stars by [Hayes, Mark]Cider Lane By Mark Hayes 

Powerfully Emotive
From start to finish, I found myself overwhelmed by powerful imagery and difficult emotions. Cider Lane is altogether beautiful, tragic and sad. The characters within are sculpted and honed to perfection, and their journeys satisfyingly illustrated.

(review by Christopher Hill 9 May 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase)


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