Book Lovers Day 2019

As I said last year,  normally hate overly twee things like this…

Image result for book lovers day

But I make an exception when it comes to books. So on the off chance, anyone doesn’t have a book to love here are a few recommendations from last years post, with additional ones added from this year…

Anything ( and indeed everything) by the fabulous C G Hatton

The Alan Shaw novels By mildy scary Craig Hallam

The Sim Cavalier Novels by intimidating interlect of  K.R.Baucherel

Hopeless: Maine and Tantamount by The Brown Debonair collective

Harvey Duckman by many a fine writer and me

Boston Metaphysics’s society by the marvelous Madeleine Holly Roslyn

Smugglers in goggles by Nils earl of Sussex

God is a bedlamite by the mysterious Katie Salvo

War of the worlds by some bloke called Wells

The Oswald Bastable novels of Micheal Moorcock

Anything in my Sunday reviews 1 2 and 3

Quite a lot of Lovecraft 

And the entire contents of the IndieO’macron  for anyone I missed off my list

And a lot of other stuff hidden down the recesses of my blog

Oh and there are any written by that notable self-publicist Mark Hayes but one feels reticent about self-promotion

Anyway, Happy book lovers day, go read something… do it now, or else I will unleash the cat upon you…



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