Pointless list of wonderfulness 2

To reiterate the original of these posts:

Like most people who blog, I read a lot of blogs. I probably don’t read as many blogs as I should, as I am forever saving a link to my bookmarks and never quite getting back to them. Or, on Mondays, I get an update email from a blog I follow, and as I get a lot of these on a Monday, I don’t quite get around to reading them all, or even half of them. I get all the emails on a Monday because I set them all to weekly emails so my inbox is not swamped with update emails every day which would irritate me somewhat. Instead, it gets swamped on a Monday, and I flag the ones I find interesting to read at some point that week. Some weeks I read them all, most weeks I don’t find the time to do so.

Which is why this post is a somewhat pointless list of wonderfulness, as there are only so many hours in the day, and so, dear readers, I suspect you’ll all have less time than you have things to do with it, but if you do have the time, and want to read something interesting, inspiring , thought-provoking , or just plain amusing, here is a list of so of my favourite blogs I never quite have the time to read as much as I should, and that may well be worth following if you have the time.

All that still applies since the original post back in April, and as it is Monday, my email was full of blog updates. Also, I was reminded of the original post over the weekend.  So here is a new list of blogs I have either discovered since or that missed the original list because I originally intended to do more. As with all such intentions finding the time to do so is sometimes more difficult than you would think.


The List of Wonderfulness

The Bipolar Writer


I have, as regular readers are probably aware, my own personal demons, and I sit on the bipolar spectrum. As such reading about other writers experiences with mental health issues is something that interests me greatly. But there is far more than just issues of mental health and writing here. The blog also has a long list of contributors. Form its origins as a personal blog, it has become a sounding board and shared experience blog for a whole community. All power to James Edgar for creating such a meaningful and important place within the blogosphere…

Kyt Wright


The internet and the blogosphere is full of the weird and wonderful. Kyt’s blog is full of weird and wonderful little stories. Sometimes you just need a dose of weird in your life or a touch of the wonderful. Or occasionally just different.  A fine way to pass ten minutes of your lunch hour, or a dark evening on the sofa…

Phoebe Darqueling


What the world needs is more steam, more valves, more googles and Pinocchio retold as steam-driven horror… Steampunk is always weird and wonderful, it is also inevitably creative and interesting and there is always something to brighten your day about it, or darken your fog-bound streets by the glow of gaslamps and Tesla arcs…  Pheobes blog is one to delve into and swim around in. It also has a great list of steampunk fiction and authors for those looking to delve deeper into the genre.  Notably, this list doesn’t include me. But maybe it will one day. (oh what fools are made by idle dreams…)

The Cat’s Write


Milly Schmidt’s blogs tend to raise a smile and impart the occasion useful information, such as ‘How to Purr-serve your sanity while riding with cats in the car’ or ‘The nine reasons why writers have cats’. There is also occasional stuff on there that doesn’t involve cats but is considered advice or opinion on a multitude of subjects related to writing. Then there are the cats … One remains unsure, but one thinks Milly likes cats… Or just possibly the blog is written by Milly’s cat.  All hail the feline overlords…



Sometimes I just find myself wandering through the stream of someones else’s consciousness. Such wanderings are often cathartic, sometimes nonsensical, and occasionally spur on trains of thoughts that wander off down odd alleyways. I have absolutely no idea why I find the often short, occasionally poignant, but as often slightly alien glimpses into the mind of this blogger interesting. I just do. But I suspect it is because I have little in common beyond my basic humanity with Phyllis Feng, yet sometimes she manages to open a window and let some light in…


Anyway, as before with the previous pointless list of wonderfulness, I am sure this is enough homework to give everyone for now. However, the previous post, complete with another five interesting and delightful blogs to look at can be found here. 


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