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The Descendent: The Complete Lovecraftian #45

One of the problems with a writer dying young, apart from the whole dying thing which let’s face it probably puts a bit of a crimp in your day, is what happens to your legacy¬†after you die.¬† By legacy, I … Continue reading

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He: The Complete Lovecraftian #43

New York, New York; the big apple, the land of dreams, where the canyon walls are made of concrete and glass, full of life and people of all creed and custom, the melting pot of the western world. Who could … Continue reading

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The Shunned House: The Complete Lovecraftian #41

I know, I know, I am fully aware, yer thanks for pointing that out… Yes, I did say last time I was back on the horse, and the Lovecraftian side of this blog would be back on track, after the … Continue reading

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The Hound: The Complete Lovecraft #36

From one of the crumbling gravestones–dated 1747–I chipped a small piece to carry away. It lies before me as I write–and ought to suggest some sort of horror story. I must place it beneath my pillow as I sleep… Just … Continue reading

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