Cider Lane at a Sale price on Kindle for the week…

As the title says. My first novel, which was published way back in the dim dark days of 2015, is on at a promotional price on Kindle this week of only 99c/99p.

It’s a novel about bullying, self-harm, coping mechanisms, withdrawal from the world, tragedy, and finding a way back from the brink of the void. It’s also about love, companionship, truth and joy. It’s complex, different and derived in part from personal experience. It is probably the most straightforwardly honest thing I will ever write, it is also nothing like anything else I have ever written. I am extremely proud of this odd little difficult to place book. More proud that so many people have managed to find their own truths within it, for people have taken things from the novel I never intended, but everyone who has read it seemed to have taken something from it. Some have laughed at the funny bits, some have wept at the sad bits, some have sent me messages telling me the ending upset them, or shocked them or just how much they enjoyed it.

So, right now is the perfect opportunity for you to try it yourself, or if you have already read it, to nudge someone else towards giving it a go.


I don’t put my books on promotion prices with Kindle that often, so if your willing to take a chance on it, do so while you can.

Its a novel of the lost and the broken. Of sharing the silences, talking to the stars, and the importance of tin openers.…/…/…/…/

I never ask people to like and share, it feels like cheating…

Please like and share 🙂


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