Pointless list of wonderfulness 3

Clearly, it would be an act of wisdom for me to take the time to encourage people to visit my blog, as opposed to reading the blogs of others. I am, however, not wise, nor am I so calculating. Besides, if you’re already here, reading this, you’re already on my blog and reading it. So wisdom be damned… be damned I tell you…

(I actually write this post about 3 months ago, but never finished it off, and found it in my drafts, so thought I may as well get it published now, even though there are only a couple of blogs on this one rather than the usual 5)   

Here is another of those sporadic lists of fun and interesting blogs more people should be reading ( even if those more people are already more people than probably read mine in the first place.)   And as ever, remember….



The List of Wonderfulness

Meredith Debonnaire


Book reviews, personal insights, and ‘Tales from Tantamount’ which may be entirely fictional, or maybe the translated whispers, newspaper clippings, spy reports from another part of the multiverse that have slipped through a rip in space and time, form a part of the universe that makes perfect sense there but is incomprehensibly weird in a wonderful way to our more mundane eyes. (oh I so hope the latter is true, I mean I know it isn’t, but what is life without hope.)  Oh and BEWARE: falling Alpaca’s, and the Magpies, definitely the Magpies…

Craig Hallam


As I love his Alan Shaw novels, including Craig in this little list would seem obvious. I am however not including him for his books or his posts on Alan, or even the little insights into the life of a somewhat more successful scribbler of words than myself. It’s his post on everything else that make me bob over on to his blog now and again. His Tao of writers series is interesting and informative, he has guest posts from other writers whom I may not have heard of but look forward to discovering if I ever have the time.  Craig is a writers writer. Warm and fuzzy he may be, but he is welcoming and encouraging and just nice. Irritatingly so at times…


Anyway, as before with the previous pointless list of wonderfulness, I am sure this is enough homework to give everyone for now. However, the previous post, complete with another five interesting and delightful blogs to look at can be found here. 


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