RIP Jianna

There are something you just don’t wish to write. This is one of them, though I knew it was coming. It has also come earlier than I expected as I hoped she would see another summer.

I posted early last month about this remarkable young woman and her long battle with cancer, and I know a lot of my readers both contributed to her crowdfunding site or were moved by her story. For which I am grateful as it helped to restore some of my ever waining faith in humanity that so many were moved by her story. However, having brought that story to the attention of my readers, it falls to me the sad duty to pass on the news that Jianna passed over the weekend.

I am seldom one lost for words or a florid phase or two, but I find I can think of nothing to say, nor any condolence I could send to her family.

Jianna was a woman of faith, which given all the trials life set upon her I find utterly remarkable, but while I do not share such faith myself, I hope that she found peace in the end and if there some truth in the faith she held dear that she finds herself now in that heaven. For if there are rewards in the next life for being good in this, then she is one who deserves such rewards. Indeed she deserved many more than the scant years she was gifted.

May her friends and family find some peace in her passing and joy in their memories of her life.

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