Quotes for 2020 #13

A new year, A whole new decade. A daily series of quotes from my favourite authors. Just for the hell of it…

Today’s words of ‘wisdom’ come form the most esteemed Samuel Langhorne Clemens without whom Canadian rock legends Rush would never have written Tom Sawyer…  Which frankly is reason enough to be fond of old man Twain…

Oh he wrote a lot of really good books as well. Books which pushed the frontiers of early american literature. Was an ardent abolitionist, strongly anti-imperialist and for his time a progressive liberal who believed the world not only could but should be a better place for all no matter there creed or colour. He even managed to delve into time travel and other oddities for the time and wrote books which have stood the test of time…

But mostly, he inspire Rush to write Tom Sawyer….




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Writer A messy, complicated sort of entity. Quantum Pagan. Occasional weregoth Knows where his spoon is, do you? #author #steampunk http://linktr.ee/mark_hayes
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