Quotes for 2020 #12

As its not just a new year, but a whole new decade. I thought among all the other things I do here I would do a daily series of quotes from my favourite authors. Just for the hell of it… Twelve days in of doing this and I am still using that opening line. I really should write a new one… But anyway moving on…

A quote from an American writer and Nobel Prize laureate from Oxford, Mississippi, who also had a stamp made to commemorate him. (confession, I love this quote, but I have never actually read any William Faulkner but feel I probably should have done…)

Interestingly, as I discovered researching him a little, Faulkner detested the fame and glory that resulted from his recognition. His aversion was so great that his 17-year-old daughter learned of the Nobel Prize only when she was called to the principal’s office during the school day. Which only makes em what to read him more…





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